Jessica Farrulla Counseling, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist • Certified EMDR Therapist • Specializing in First Responder Trauma EMDR | El Dorado Hills CA

Individual Counseling

We have all been there: moments of not feeling good enough, listening to our harsh inner-critic more than we would like to admit, operating from a “people pleasing” mode, numbing our way through life. We can put pressure on ourselves to appear perfect in order to feel worthy of love and belonging. When we live from an inauthentic place, the real you never has a chance to been seen and loved, as a friend, a partner, and a person. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to show up and been seen.

“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.” -Brené Brown

I can help you to heal and learn to let go of your past and show you ways to manage your inner-critic. From a place of worthiness, you can create a life full of meaning, purpose, and happiness.

I use an integrative approach, drawing from many different theories. I prefer using evidence-based approaches when working with clients. I specialize in working with adult mental health including trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, and self-esteem challenges.

Clients interested in counseling services are usually motivated to create a positive change in their life, are open-minded, and dedicated to the therapeutic process, which means they keep their scheduled appointments and demonstrate an active level of engagement in session. They are also willing to put forth effort to create the change they would like to see.