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Traumatic Experience Recovery

Experiencing a traumatic event where your life feels threatened physically, emotionally, or psychologically can make such an impact that it continually affects our quality of life. By using EMDR Therapy and other evidence-based techniques, we’ll work together to create a space where those memories can be processed in a healthy way and the trauma can be released.

Relationships and Couples

Every relationship experiences peaks and valleys, moments of closeness and connection, to times where you feel more like roommates instead of lovers. Life, careers and children can take time and energy away from your relationship. Couples Counseling can help to put the spark back into your relationship and deepen your connection. You can learn how to create an intimate, playful, long lasting relationship, where you feel heard and understood by your partner.

Confidence and Self Esteem

What stands in the way of living the authentic life and that you truly desire? Is it the belief that you are not good enough? Maybe worry that if you showed up as you, no one would accept or love the person you are? Therapy is a helpful way of exploring the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that hold us back from living an authentic and wholehearted life. It takes courage to embrace all parts of ourselves. We can work together to help you find ways of managing your inner-critic, letting go of your past, and identifying new ways of thinking.

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Meet The Therapist

Jessica Farrulla Counseling, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist • Certified EMDR Therapist • Specializing in First Responder Trauma EMDR, Couples Counseling | El Dorado Hills CA

Hello, I’m Jessica

I started out as a life coach, and that experience changed my life. Now, I’m a therapist working with people to help them past barriers they have in life. Sometimes those barriers are traumatic experiences from a first-responder lifestyle. Sometimes they come in the form of relationship issues. Sometimes the barriers are internal, in the form of a harsh inner-critic, and I assist those clients with examining the internal beliefs that may be holding them back.

Whatever the issue, we’ll work together to find the way through it. In the end I want you to be empowered to move past those barriers. Together, we’ll use evidence-based methods that have been proven to yield results to help you move beyond what might be limiting you now.

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